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Miami AC joins the Florida Gulf Coast League for Spring 2022
The Soccer Phil Show

Check out Phil's podcast on Spotify to get an insider's insight on the world of soccer. The show will guide parents in helping them become productive soccer parents. It will also help to educate players and coaches.

Miami AC's own Coach Daniel Radice becomes the Head Coach at Florida Memorial University!

Fan's Corner

​​Club's History

Miami AC was founded in 2018 by president Phil Zayas, with coaches Juan Diego Estepa and Daniel Radice. Over time, the coaches have seen a dire need for education and guidance for players and parents looking to move beyond the youth soccer system and into college and professional levels. 

Our Mission

Miami AC's mission is to develop youth soccer players and provide a pathway for them into MLS NEXT, college or professional environments in the U.S. and abroad.


Our staff has over 35+ years of collective experience in college and national team environments. We excel at helping players transition into the next level through our extensive college and professional network, training, marketing and consulting. Our passion is to see our players grow and sign with a college or professional team.

Player Profiles

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